Friday, August 29, 2008

Who needs enemies with friends like these?!

Ok so talking to a friend of mine online while he was on his lunch break. I like a dummy ask him " whatcha havin?"

He sucks. You see I have a problem. I am impressionable. When people are eating better stuff than I am, I want it. I am a foodie to begin with and then when someone begins to extoll the virtues of their lunch I begin to think about it. And then I begin to think" yea that sounds good. " Then I begin to think " I want that" Then I begin to think " I have to have that. " So hence my friend is EVIL!

His lunch that got me started is as follows.
Salmon Sammy on sourdough WITH Crab bisque. I hate him.

I love seafood. He KNOWS that. So then being the jerk that he is he begins to ask what kind of sushi I like. ALL OF IT DUH! (mostly)

I don't like him anymore. Then he laughs because he KNOWS that he is being mean and says :

" There thats your virtual lunch served up in style!"

He sucks. So my only option is to suffer.

Im suffering. Can't you see me suffering?

More later when I recover.
Mrs. F.

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