Friday, August 1, 2008

Taco Stew and Superman

Hello to all the phantom readers that my mother said would come. If you write it they will come or some such nonsense. Mrs . Flabby and Unfabulous here. Wife of 14 years to Farty Papa , mother to ( in descending order) Textman (16yrostepson), Miss Teenage Argumenative (13yrodd), Mr. Literal (11yrods), Sketch(9yrods), Walker Texas Ranger, hereafter to be referred to only as Walker ( 7yrods) and Superman(4yrods).

I am new to blogger and all that is has to offer but thanks to my mom ( I won't give her a nickname but I could *wink*) who said I should make a blog. I did. I should start out telling about our family , that we homeschool and many other things I am sure I will eventually get to but really today its about Taco Stew and Superman.

Superman being the youngest in our home knows his place well. He is most important of course at least according to him. And the rest of us knowing our place happily let him believe that. Today Superman has been spending his day doing two things, watching movies and singing. He also had a run in with a cup the size of a small country but mostly he sang. These are not songs that anyone but he knows, nonetheless they are enchanting and border on annoying. What I mean to say is I enjoy children breaking into song as much as any overworked, stressed out, undershowered and loving mother. Except when I am on the phone.

Superman decided I needed to hear his latest rendition of *insert random and unknown title of song summoned by 4 year old here*. I was on the phone. I am sure due to my previous statement you can imagine this coming. He is singing , I am asking phone companion to repeat , repeatedly. He continues singing and I turn to Superman prepared to rather loudly extoll the virtues of silence when he sings to me " I love mommy and superman , Love love love mommy mommy " Somewhere there is my karmic angel laughing her butt off as I am cut off at the pass by a 4 year old! Outwitted! How clever he is to use his charm to disarm his mother. So I smile at him and say his name three times " Superman Superman Superman *instert glitter hearts here* He returns " What momma , what momma, what momma" I end with " Shh" He smiles and turns to his brother Walker TR and beings a new song about him. I realize I don't mind children breaking into song while I am on the phone anymore.

On to Taco Stew. I love to cook. I hate pretty much anything involved with the clean up aspect but thankfully because my family enjoys eating, I generally come away unscathed. This meal is what I like to call a "pantry to the rescue" meal. This morning MTA and I raided the pantry and with the addition of 2lbs of stew beef we created something in my slow cooker that to be honest looked like something someone barfed up on the sidewalk outside of a local mexican restaurant. Not that you need more description than that but suffice to say it looked.....bad. I shrug and put the lid on because hey " Barf! It's whats for dinner!"

I let it groove for hours and stir it a couple times and as I sit here I realize the smell in my house is something to behold.

To be more clear , I realize my house smells so good that I wish I could take a picture of it. The smell I mean. Save it for posterity *giggle*. I hear Superman next to me saying " something smells good and making a slurping sound that I can only describe as a 4 yr olds version of delicious. Mind you he's not eating only pretending at this point. Mrs. Flabby and Unfabulous is feeling fairly....fabulous though still flabby. No doubt tonights dinner will only cement my position as flabby but likely not unfabulous. Not tonight anyway!
So there you have it. Taco Stew and Superman. All in all not a bad combo.
Hope to get to know you bloggers. Feel free to leave a note.

Until tomorrow.
Mrs. Flabby and Unfabulous.


neetzy said...


I admire you for homeschooling but I could never do it! I am a high school teacher and need time away from my own. (So I surround myself with about 150 other adolescents a day) Your blog is very funny! So, You paint? Would like to see some paintings.

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

I would love that! I love to paint and sketch. I am very interested in seeing some paintings! Now I must go to your profile. lol. Thank you for reading and the kind words. It means a lot.

neetzy said...

Just so you know. I am also an insomniac. I'm better than I used to be, but I find that if I wake up at 3:00 I need to get out of bed and read or write or do something to get my mind off of "not-sleeping". Fix some herbal tea or other soothing liquid. I also wake up less if I take a good walk during the day. Tell hubby to go into the help page of blogger and they will let you know your html address. Also, once a week or so I visit blogs of people who have my similar interests and I leave comments. Some of these people then come back and visit my blog! Have fun. I just started in July.

Debra said...

Yay! I LOVE that you have a blog I can read. I hope you don't mind my reading it. I will have to read through all these entries when I have a minute.

BTW, I never got that email with the recipes you sent. I'm not sure why. :(

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

UGH Deb I don't know why! I resent it too. I wonder , it must be my error. I will double check my emails. Often I hand type emails instead of using my address book. I thought I would make a recipe blog as a sister blog to this one. Maybe you can co write in it and add your recipes too.
let me know.