Saturday, August 9, 2008

Something I wrote years ago.

So here at my hse woue have had an ongoing problem with the children not putting things away. Nothing strange in regards to children. However what irks me to no end is when I ask one of the children to put something away and hand it to them AND tell them where to put it and instead of just doing as I ask, they stuff the item(s) somewhere thinking no one will know or find out.

So tonight when I woke up in the middle of the night and found my daughter had done just this I was irritated and then I had a moment of pure genius.

So this is what I wrote. :


Hello again, remember us? We are two items your Loving Mother asked you KINDLY to put away last night. We must tell you we are unhappy with how you have treated us. We spent a most uncomfortable night sleeping where you carelessly tossed us. I would most prefer my home on the oven handle. I am usefull there. My friend the Blue T shirt is most at home on a warm body or in a tidy drawer. He tells me that he spent the night in the BATHROOM! I can't even imagine his embarassment when your Loving Mother came in. The horror!

Luckily, she saw me shoved among the books on the book shelf. They talked all night. It really was most annoying. We really must protest at how we have been treated. We are very usefull items and we were tossed aside as junk! How can we be usefull when we are not put in our proper place?! It was very scarey for us too.

Thank goodness your Loving and Devoted Mother was willing to write down our grievances. Otherwise we might never have gotten to tell you of the pain it causes T Shirt and Myself ( Blue Striped Dishrag esq) When you treat us so carelessly. It has made us so scared that we have decided to spend the next week with you.

Your Loving Mother has given us safety pins so that we won't EVER have to part from you for a whole week. A WHOLE WEEK! What fun! It is just what we need to get us back to feeling right and hopefully you will think twice before you treat good, usefull items like JUNK again. Your Loving Devoted and Kind Mother told us something and we agree! A place for everything and everything in its place. I feel much better now! See you soon. Sincerely,

Blue T Shirt and Blue Striped Dishrag esq

Rules for T shirts and Dishrags vacation.

1. Items must be pinned to outside of clothing at all times.

2. You must not use or soil items. IF they get dirty you are to wash and dry them right away and add laundering time to their vacation time. ( Sentence time)

3. You are not to complain or insult items. STIFF punishment may follow.

4. You cannot take items off of your clothing without Loving Mothers permission.

5. Breaking ANY rules will result in Firmer and less friendly consequences.

My daughter will just LOVE this. LOL I really AM a nice Mommy

Mrs. F.

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