Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mrs. F. Finally figured it out. Oh yea and Poop and Streakers.

So this past week was mixed as far as how it went. Many things happened but mostly it just flew by.First off I apologize for making my blog private. It never dawned on me that I could have to easy to manage blogs here in the blogosphere. One private and one public. Problem fixed. So this will likely be my sunshine and roses blog and the other one based in reality. LOL.

So to begin from where I left off last time. I feel better. not 100% but better. So that is a blessing. I will be starting my jewelry business soon so I am excited about that and FP offered his slave services in any capacity I choose to further this endeavor. I think I will just take advantage of his willingness to help and just ravage his body. Yea thats good.

Lets see what happened in the world of the fam.

MTA went to stay a week at her Aunts and LOVED it. She had a blast from what she tells us and existed on junkfood, bad movies and discussions about poop. Don't ask me it's her fathers sister. LOL. No we love that she had a great time although this Aunt may well be known as the Poop Whisperer from now on. Her hubby to be will be getting a nickname soon enough!

Mr. Literal had a rough start to the week as he took on the crux of MTA's chores while she was gone although he did stellar. He has also taken it upon himself to do much of the dinner time cooking. Last night he made shepards pie. The day before it was pot roast. He is an amazing 11yr old boy. He told FP and I tonight he wants to be a famous chef. SCORE!

Sketch had a low key week but his favorite friend has come back to visit every morning again. She is a young girl I do daycare for before school everyday. They were best pals last year but alas it seems Sketch has entered the girls have cooties stage. That and the fact that she tries to beat him and his brothers up fairly frequenly. ( She is a special needs child who has a lot of emotional/mental problems but generally in the morning she does well. Most days anyway )

Walker TR has found a new friend in his cousin as well as a little girl MTA and I switch off doing daycare for. Yesterday I had the three musketeers here and it was astonishing how fast bonds can form between children. I love that. Walker has also found that he is the Baby Whisperer. We have a 1yr baby girl that we watch she is the little sister to LMP mentioned below. Walker found that he and she are pals. He walked around with her on his hip and smiled every time she reached for him. In fact she slept on his chest for 45 min one day. Any idea how hard it is for a 7yr old to stay still that long? I have never seen him so proud of himself that he was tending her.

Superman had a rough week. I swear that kid couldn't walk upright without stubbing, banging something or slipping. However he discovered the art of jumping on the bed. Took him longer than most and I have a sneaky suspicion that my girlfriends daughter taught him this. So this week he was caught jumping on FP and I's bed, the livingroom couch, the family room couch, his bed, FP's chair and there was an incident with the bathtub and a misguided attempt to find fun in falling backward into the tub while sitting on the edge. Yea he taught that one to my friends daughter. Turn about is fair play I tell ya! Especially in the corrupting of children.

Speaking of my girlfriends daughter. We shall call her Little Miss Princess. LMP.

LMP and Superman are tight. Go everywhere together , eat off the same plate if I'd let them, tight. Ok so it shouldn't surprise you when I tell you they decided they needed to do potty duty together. ( No not on the same pot, thank god they didn't think of that. yet.) So one on the big chair one on the potty chair. Aww how cute. Yea. So I go into the bathroom about 20 min after they did their potty jot only to find my bathroom sink.... clogged. I bet you can't see where I'm going with this.

No I bet you can't.

So upon further investigation I discover my sink is clogged....with POOP. OMG.

The first thought that goes through my head. " Oh FP will love this job" ( He didn't) Second thought. " How the #$%& did poop get down the sink? I mean really, how? Was it forced? " Fade to black and re emerge with me checking the childrens hands for EVIDENCE! No to make them wash their hands. So I stand there a moment and having no idea what to do, I walk away. I cleaned up a bit and then walked away. I knew FP would be home soon and without tools there was no fixing this.

OMG POOP *shakes head*

So FP took care of it eventually but yea that was an experience. Imagine a family of 8 plus the daycare kids in and out of here, last night we had 9 kids here . Only one bathroom sink for even a short time is horrifying.

Back to Superman. Superman like his nakedness. He thinks all should wonder at his nakedness. Marvel really. He is a 4 yr old flasher.

So last night after playing in the pool he gets his bathrobe on and begins his routine. He runs around screaming at the top of his lungs and flashes everyone in the family. Flash seems a mild term. He waggles. It's hilarious but not something I want to foster in him so I tell him to put it away. " Superman put away your Pintu'!"

He runs off laughing. The doorbell rings. ..........I look at FP and he says" I have no idea who that is" We both get out of bed , we were settling down for the night. Or trying to. I suddenly remember that Superman is naked. This will be enlightening to whomever braved the walls of this house. I look around and wade through the mass of children at the door to find our dear friends had brought pizza and cake. Yes they are beloved.

I hear feet coming down the hall rather fast. Little feet. Superman is missing in the mass of children greeting our guests. YIKES! I turn just in time to see Superman skid across the floor in his socked feet , arms spread wide and glee on his face. The look of triumph and Ta Da! all rolled into one.

His face becomes one of shock, mine of relief. His little bod is dressed. However I can read every word his mind is churning as his face turns red.He thinks to himself.

I almost came out here naked!

That boy gives me the giggles. I love my family. Till next time.Mrs. F.

PS email me or leave a comment if you want an invite to my private blog. Invitations at my discretion.

PSS Cookbook blog coming soon!


Freddie said...

Yay! You're back!

So funny the way they love to run around "nakey". My 6yo STILL does it whenever she gets the chance.

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

Cracks me up. Boy was he embarassed, his face was utter shock. It was priceless to be able to read on his face what he was thinking.