Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stuff , more stuff and Constipation

So yesterday I try to give my blog this pretty background to no avail. The directions on the website make no sense to me! I really want a cute blog too!

Anyway I spent this past week musing over some personal things and getting ready to start out homeschool year. It dawned on me that sometimes friends sneak up on you. A little background is necessary here. Most of my married life I have really not had any close girlfriends that lived nearby. Ones that I could tend their kids and she mine. Go out to lunch or just call and say I need a friend can you come over? Well it seems I have been snuck up on. There is a friend at church who literally lives around the corner from me and we seem to have really hit it off. We talk just about everyday even if its just hey whats up? nothing. Ok well I'll see you later this afternoon.

My daughter babysits for her in the afternoons and it has been really nice to have a tangible friend. One that say OMG I need milk im coming to get some of yours. Or hey you need cereal? I have a ton. Or hey you need to get out of the house come to WalMart with me. For no reason at all. Just because she wants my company. I like that. I like having a friend that seems to want to spend time with me. Who thinks to call me. We vent about life and talk about problems and I just see a lot of potential for a real solid friendship there. After recent events I began to feel as though I might be unfriendable. That perhaps there was some fundamental flaw that everyone else saw and not me, that made it so hard for me to find friends that were real. I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Here's hoping.

Onto the family update. Farty Papa has recently changed schedules at work and that makes for some rough mornings but he doesn't complain. We are really hoping that this job becomes one we can support our family on. We aren't there yet but again with the hope. FP always seems to find moments to spend with the kids that somehow become these huge laugh fests. Farting contests, chasing Superman down the hall until he howls. It's moments like these when I know that things are good. I have made good choices and that any strife we have had is so very worth it. Thank you FP.

Superman has a girlfriend. Little Miss Princess. Yes you heard it here first. He LURVES her. I caught him holding her hand today. When LMP is here they are inseperable. Now mind you they fight like any married couple but the love is there. She kinda likes him too but it has become apparent when her mom arrives there will be no more hugging! So now that Superman has a girlfriend he has begun to realize heartbreak too. She won't share her cereal bar or she pushes him away when he wants to hug her. Young love, how fickle. How sweet. Ok they are 4 and 2 they don't have anything really important to fight over. What do you want from me?

MTA has had a busy week. She has a new babysitting schedule now and with her penchant for staying up late its coming back to bite her in her argumenative butt. MUAHAHAHAHA. *cough cough* Sorry had a bit of insanity there. The reason this amuses me is partly because im sick but more so because I TOLD her this was going to happen. I TOLD her life was going to get hard if she didn't manage her time. I think she is beginning to see. One day she will just know her mom is always right. She has also been enjoying time with her friends and church activities. She also likes having money. In a couple of weeks FP and I are going to take her to open her first checking account. She is thrilled about that. The stipulation will be that she must have a savings account as well and she will put aside a percentage of what she makes ( yet to be determined) in the savings account. She is growing up too fast. Far too fast.

Mr. Literal henceforth shall be renames as Macguyver2. He didn't like his nickname and in truth this fits him better. So M2 started a new year of scouts and he loves it. He goes on his first campout to the Lava Caves in Sept. Can you say excitement x infinity? I think secretly FP is excited too because I think he might get to go too. M2 is also doing a merit badge round up where he gets to pick three badges to accomplish at once. He picked fingerprinting and golf for sure. He can't remember the other one but I believe it has to do with citizenship. All in all good stuff.

Sketch has been laying low lately. His friend comes over every morning at 6am and I think that is just a little too early for him. He gets up and spends time with her but around 2pm he gets very tired and impatient. He crawled in my bed earlier today and slept for about 45min. I think he takes after me in that, if he doesn't get the amount of sleep he needs he drags and I have also noticed him having trouble settling down too. I hope its a phase. Sketch has also been enjoying scouts as well. This week we have to do a family tree and I am looking forward to that only because I hope it might actually get me started on geneology. Probably not but again with the hope.

WalkerTR was sick this past week. And now we get to the second half of my topics. Sunday WTR woke up with a fever,low grade but he complained of a tummy ache. So as any mom would do I had him lay on his back and I palpated his belly for any hardness that might indicate a problem that needed medical attention. I detected none and opted to wait it out. I gave him meds for the fever which in a day or so was gone yet his tummy ache persisted. So on day three I asked him one of the questions that young boys get embarassed about. *deep breath* I looked him squarely in the eye and I said *with a straight face* " Have you pooped today? " At this point I begin to detect a change in the color of his face. Pink I think its called. *straight face straight face* She tries not to smile when he replies. " No not today" I nod solemnly and reply " Well your body needs to do that everyday and when it doesn't stuff gets backed up in there" His face changes from mirth to panic as he blurts out" I didn't today or yesterday or the day before! " Now I know this is nothing to panic about but a 7yr old not so much. Before I can reassure him he asks " How bad is it? Do I have to go to the doctor?!" I shake my head and state " No but you need to drink water and a lot of it. Also go have some juice. You will be fine but I bet thats why your tummy hurts" He nods and dashes off to facilitate his healing. A day later needless to say it all worked out in the end. Oh gimmie a break I couldn't resist! I can't wait for the " mom my pintu' gets stiff , is it broken?" talk. He doesn't know what he's in for. MUAHAHAHAhA! *cough* hack* No seriously though he has no idea!

I love the adventures in This Motherhood.

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Now I understand why he seemed almost proud that he went 2 times in one day! lol

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