Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Fun Day

Today promises to be a good day. The kids are going to the park with Grandma. She is going to teach them to play tennis. They are happy with any excuse to go to the park. This will give me some time this afternoon to sort through the kids books that came yesterday! I love books. So far , from what I've looked at, these books are perfect. I am so excited for next year!

I also will have some time to research some vendors for my business. I need to find wholesalers for most of my materials. I am excited to get things really moving. I have made some beautiful designs that I am anxious to put out there and see if anyone agrees!

The kids are getting a day off from school , their cousins have a half day so I decided to just give them the day. Half days are generally our day. lol. They are currently finishing up their chores so they won't have anything to do when they come home. It always shocks me how quiet the house gets when the kids leave. The dogs get forlorn and follow me around , even to the bathroom. They hop up on the couch if I am sitting there, and lay next to me or they lay on the floor at my side of the bed if I am napping or working on my laptop. It's quite funny. Have you ever seen a beagle sad? If you know beagles they are very emotional. They wear these emotions on their already sad looking faces.

( I thought I lost this post due to a net hiccup and turns out it POSTED! I wasn't finished yet so I will finish now)

This evening DM and I are going to do sushi and then to a new asian market here in town. I am excited. I love asian markets. They have so much more to offer me and my way of cooking than traditional markets. Love love love them! I have promised myself that I am going to learn to make my own Sushi this year. I need to invest in some of the gear and then I will be ready to start.

Farty Papa is not feeling well this week. We think he got attacked by a really vicious allergy. He was really miserable yesterday and he didn't complain once when I had to help a friend out with something, which meant her two children had to come over and play with ours. By the time I got home I could tell he was just burnt. I felt bad for making him babysit but I think he understood that my friend needed some help. I taught her how to make homemade laundry soap. She needed to do laundry, had no soap and no money to buy any. Mrs. F to the rescue!

I was happy to help but something tells me Farty Papa needs some pampering tonight. I'm happy to help him with that too! *grin*

Until tomorrow.
Mrs. F.

I hope to have pictures coming soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A full plate

Once again I find myself busier than I have ever been. I always have in the back of my mind to take on less. To do less. Often because at the end of the day I growl at myself because my kids have to play in the backyard instead of going to the park. Mom just doesn't have the time to pack up five kids and make that trip. I always feel lacking in the mom department. Why do Moms always feel so lacking?

So here is the break down of what I'm doing!

I am expecting a delivery tomorrow of the kids school books for next year. So exciting. I am so relieved to have that out of the way. The kids are eagerly awaiting summer and the pool being set up.

I am still working on my cookbook and trying to find any opportunity I can to cater parties. I have written probably ten new recipes in the last month and I hope to have them uploaded to my Foodie blog soon.

I am working on getting my website up and running for my new business. I haven't blogged much about it but it's exciting. I make handmade jewelry. Look for The Silver Lining coming soon!

We homeschool five days a week and we will continue throughout the summer. However we will have shorter days because I am not keen to have them inside most of the summer.

We got some sad news on Sunday. It seems MTA's best friend is moving away in June. I can't even express my sadness for her but she seems to be handling things very pragmatically. How did she get so level headed? I'm really proud of her for seeing the big picture and oddly I think the internet will help her stay close to her friend and feel connected. She is one of my Hero's. I wanna be like her when I grow up.

A bit of randomness. I have a new obsession. I am HOT for this new thing I found. I want one so bad. Check this bad boy out!

You see I want to lose a bit of weight and this is the first and ONLY piece of equipment that ever got me excited. Farty Papa has seen many things he likes in the fitness world but me? Never. However this seems right up my alley. I need low to no impact due to bad knees. I need something that is going to be fun as well as faster paced. I want no jumping around and all that business. Nope. This is perfect for me. I would love for MTA and I to each have one and then we could go along with the boys when they go on bike rides. MTA hates bike riding and quite frankly my girly parts have forbidden me from riding my bike . EVER.

Only one problem. They are so expensive. If I could afford it I would get one for everyone in my family. I can so easily see this little scooter being life changing for my family. We just can't afford it. How cool would it be for a group of homeschooled kids to be told" Close your books it's time for Phys Ed. Get your Trikkes! " I would love that. We would be on those things ALL the time..LOL.

I so wish we could afford them. I bet they are worth every penny. I would give them free advertising. Heck I'd pimp my car for them! LOL. Oh well. Maybe someday we will be able to afford them.

I wish that I could afford the really great things I want for my family. Maybe this business venture will be an answer for my family. I love creating and designing jewelry and to be able to make a living at it would be amazing.

Well time to sign off and get dinner going. Mozzarella chicken over pasta with garlic fococcia and a micro green salad with fresh green beans in a chunky vingrette! YUM!
Until next time
Mrs. F