Friday, February 13, 2009

VNSA Booksale and preparing for a new school year.

Well so far homeschool this year has been relaxed and a lot of fun. It's neat to see the kids take control of their own education. Learn things they are interested in and progress at their own pace , although we have a set core curriculum we have as the basis of their learning for each grade. Each of the kids has such a distinct personality and learn in such different ways. MTA squirrels herself away in her room with her books and assignment and pulls on headphones and she simply works. The only thing she dislikes is math. This next year and the years following we are going with a two prong approach. She will have what is called a teaching textbook. As well as Saxon Math for her grade. She will switch back and forth to give her some variety. I am rather excited about her going into Highschool because her classes become much more interesting.

I am hoping to find some great textbooks and readers at the VNSA book sale tomorrow. It happens once a year and its a huge boon to bibliophiles like Fartypapa and I. This is my first year going and from what I am told there are deals to be had and homechool curriculum a plenty. WOOHOO!. I love getting a headstart on the next years stuff. We school all year so we go at a somewhat varigated pace as per public school. We still have 7 months left in our school year which is great for us because the kids HATE being bored in the summertime. This summer I will have daycare kids too so that should help with the boredom.

We are hoping to hook up with other moms this summer to do outings like the science museum and other points of interest.

Sketch has improved so much from last year to this. It's amazing. He wants to read the Harry Potter series but our books are either being read by others or are scattered about. I'm going to look for a set just for him. Its such a change from a year ago when the idea of reading was awful for him. Now he gets excited about it and doesn't complain at all when its reading time. I love that!
Walker TR is a year younger than Sketch but they are in the same grade because I discovered that they learn better when they can be buddies. They LOVE buddy work. They test eachother on their Spalding phonics cards. Its awesome to hear then correct eachother. LOL.

Macguyver is just trucking right along in his work. I am hoping to get an advanced science book for him because he just eats it up. He always has his science and history book done half way through the year. So I am hoping to find something more challenging for him to keep him busy. He loves math which is a relief for me.

Sketch is like me in that reading was very hard for him. It still is. We are fairly certain he has a mild form of dyslexia. I have a severe form. I couldn't read even a little until I was in 4th grade. Sketch we could say was a firm reader by third grade. He is doing very well now though he still gets frusterated when he messes up his b and d. He transposes like I did and it takes time and repetition for it to solidly enmesh in your brain what belongs where. I am excited to see where he will be in 7 months. He enjoys working with his brother and that seems to have helped a lot. However he is still the artist. He would rather be creating something than doing just about anything else. Something tells me that is how he will be all his life.

The great thing about homeschooling is that Fartypapa and I decide what they should learn and we don't have to conform to anothers idea of what a good education should be. We choose the books. We pick the areas of study. It gives us this great opportunity to involve our children in deciding what they study. I love that!

Walker TR just told me he loves math. WOOHOO! just wait till he gets to geometry or calculus. UGH.

I will report my finds from the VNSA book sale tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Mrs. F

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Update and a day beginning.

In case you all were wondering Mr. Incredible is doing very well now. He is home with his family and no doubt has some recovery time but all in all he will be fine. It seems so strange to me how such a catastrophic thing can end so quietly. Although I am sure there was much celebrating upon his return home. It just reminds me of how the world keeps moving onward no matter how we feel it should stop in its tracks and wait for us to overcome our tragedy or strife, wait for us to catch up, Wait for us to catch our breath. It doesn't. My family wept when we heard he went home. All of my children stood in my bedroom doorway with baited breath as I read the note that I got saying he went home and was recovering nicely. They all suddenly burst into tears. It was so sudden but so undeniable. They shouted with joy and relief and the tears were just an expression of their joy. It was amazing. What a blessing they are to me.

Soon I will be adding pictures to my blog and making a renewed effort to blog daily. I think its important to document each day in some fashion.

Oh and I have a confession to make. I haven't done anything for Valentines day for my hubby. I am obsessing over this because we normally don't bother with the holiday because we tend to make little expressions to eachother all year long. Fartypapa one upped me this year and he ALREADY has a gift for me. He says its something he would have gotten me anyway so it doesn't really count. He has no idea how much it counts! Its huge! Im on the hook. Help.

More later
Mrs. F