Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update and a continued request.

I just received an update a few minutes ago and I don't know if anyone is reading but I am updating because it makes me feel less useless in this situation.

Our friends son it has been determined , has several skull fractures and bleeding on the brain. He is currently sedated as they monitor his condition to determine how best to continue his treatment.

It is scarey how easily this can happen to anyone and how much they need our good thoughts and prayers. Please if you can, continue the faith chain and get the word out about this little boy. He and his family can use all our best.

Mrs. F.


Sheila said...

I read your previous post also. I'm so sorry about your friends son. It gave me chills while reading I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and terror they are experiencing at this time. I shall keep them in my prayers.

Freddie said...

Prayers being sent, now and later.