Monday, January 19, 2009

Power of Prayer

Once in awhile you have a moment in life where things are so obvious. Things are clear and concise and the grey area disappears. Over the past few days as our family has carried a prayer for this family. I know many others have as well. I know this because I have been told as much but I also know it because of the update I am about to tell you all about.

The words thank you cannot express the level of gratitude I have but they are the only words I have.

Here is where the power of prayer comes in.

From here on in the boy I told you about will be called Mr. Incredible. The Incredibles have been through so much in the past week and over the weekend we got a lovely email detailing Mr. Incredible's progress. First and foremost. He woke up. His family waited for hours before he spoke but when he did it was to say he was dying of thirst and he was starving. All very good signs. He was in fact very hungry and thirsty. He hadn' t eaten anything since before the accident.

Here is an excerpt from the email we got regarding him:
Mr. Incredible's brain bleeds have stopped. He is still in ICU until Monday, then they hope he can be moved to a pediatric bed unit in the hospital. They do not know how long he will be there since that all depends on how he responds. Incredible Mom has asked me to ask the ward members to please send her via email, a photo of those who know Mr. Incredible. They are making a slide show of familiar people, places and things on their laptop computer that can be played for Mr. Incredible over and over. They are hoping this will help with his recovery.

Incredible mom sent an update about his specific condition as well.

Wednesday night Mr. Incredible fell from the banister at the top of the stairs landing on his head at the tile floor. He has several head fractures. The worst being a long line from over one ear around to the other ear. It's not over the top like you'd wear head phones but just a little on the back of his crown. He was unconscious for more than 24 hours and his head is swollen. He woke up yesterday (Fri.) morning and was finally talking by afternoon/evening. We are so thrilled. He's still tied down to the bed so he won't take out the catheter or remove all the gadgets and needles attached to him. He is sooooo hungry. He calls out as he twists "I'm going to die! I need water!" Then he'll call out "Food! I must have food!" He hasn't eaten since dinner on Wednesday. Imagine that for a growing 8 year old boy :-/ He has pneumonia as well probably from inhaling some of the fluid he'd been vomiting out so much while in his unconscious state (different from a coma).
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. It's only from praying and fasting that he's gotten this far - and Incredible Dad and I too. It's been a tough ride. If you want to send him pictures or make a little movie for him that would be good. According to the head trauma doctor he needs familiar objects (books, toys, etc) and pictures of people he's familiar with.
Thank you so much!
Love to you all.
Incredible Mom.

Now I have changed names for obvious reasons but I really wanted illustrate how prayer has helped this family. This recovery has been a miracle. I know my family has cried and prayed and rejoiced over this past week. When we got this last update every member of my family sobbed and hugged eachother in relief. We know Mr Incredible and his family have a long road to traverse yet but it is amazing the strides he has made. My family thanks you as does the Incredibles. Keep doing what you do. More updates will follow.

Till next time
Mrs. F.

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Sheila said...

I'm so glad that Mr. Incredible has woken up and that he wants to eat and drink. I hope he gets to be moved to a pediatric bed. I will keep him (and his family) in my prayers. Thanks for the update.