Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something bigger than you and I.

It has been far too long since I have posted. So much has happened in our lives and yet I would log on only to find it hard to post here. For a long time I didn't realize why that was but it dawned on me this morning when I received some horrifying news, that I was looking to write about something bigger and far more important than myself.

Now I love posting about my family and have been told I have a knack for humor and finding meaning in mundane and obvious things. Finding a perspective in something seemingly meaningless. All that was very fulfilling for awhile but I recently found myself turned off when faced with posting about myself. I can't explain why except that perhaps I just don't see what others can see in me.

The reason todays post has come so easily is because it is not about me. It has nothing to do with me yet I am inspired. I want to DO something. I want to spread something positive out there that maybe starts a wild fire of positive energy and love.

The story as far as I know it :

This morning I received an email giving the barest of details about a small boy in our Church family. I know almost nothing about him and his family which is sad on its own merit. This is what I know. He is around four years old give or take because as I said I don't really know. Suffice to say he is very young. Last night he fell two stories and landed on his head. As with many head injuries the extent of his injuries are not well known at this time. He was med evaced to a nearby hospital and here you and I now sit together. You know as much as I do. This family has asked for my prayers and now I ask for yours. Even if you don't pray then I ask that you do whatever it is you do when faced with crisis. Do what you do when you are faced with knowing someone who is facing an unbearable burden. Pray, sing, cry, meditate, send positive energy out into the world to aid this family. This little boy and his family will use it all.

My request to you is to simple. If you blog mention this family and their son. The only reason being to give another degree of the world a chance to do what they do on behalf of this family. If you don't blog but you email then do that. This isn't something I want to become a forward that is simply deleted before it's read. I just want as many people to touch this as possibly can. What can happen if one person prays? A miracle. Imagine what would happen if we all did? I truly believe in the power of prayer . I have seen its workings first hand. I truly believe in the power of people. I have felt their workings first hand.

There is no expectation on my part for anyone that reads this. Some people don't pray or even believe in God. This isn't about personal beliefs. I only ask that you do what you do on behalf of this lovely family. Help me start a faith chain. Whatever your faith is give a little of it to this family. They need it. I would consider this a great personal favor. Something I could never repay.

I leave this with you this morning as I look over my own children and count my immense blessings that they are safe and healthy. Imagine how it might feel to be a part of something far bigger than yourself or your own life. Parents know this feeling already. Brothers and Sisters know this feeling already. Children know this feeling already. We all do. When you are part of a family you know what it's like to have your heart walking around outside of your body. You know what it feels like to worry and wonder about a loved one. Come be a part of my family today. We are currently worrying and wondering about a loved one. Do what you do.

Mrs. F.

I will update as I get news.


Didi said...

Oh my goodness Heather. I hadn't heard anything. Which family? You can email if you want to keep it anonymous. I'll definitely be praying and I'll see if there is anything I can do.

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

emailing you right now.