Friday, September 12, 2008

Your Boogers are Bigger Than That! and Lost dogs.

Yes this post needed it's own home so I didn't jsu throw it in with the bathwater of the previous post.

Ok so the background on this post is as follows. Sketch hasn't been feeling well. He made friends with a cold and it callously turned on him. Don't they all? Why didn't I mention that he was sick before? As I told you before I felt this story merited it's own place in the blogosphere. So there.

So poor Sketch has had a low grade fever and a stuffed nose that is something to behold. So for the past two days he has been laying low, reading and journaling and making BFF's with Motrin. This evening he came into FP's and I's room and asked if he needed more Motrin before bed. Upon hearing his congestiony tone asked Sketch if he thought he could swallow a pill. Sketch being timid in nature and fairly healthy most of his life has never had the need to "learn" to swallow a pill. He was pretty sure he couldn't.

FP then decided Sketch needed a Benadryl and told Sketch to get a cup of water. He freaked. Now freaking out for Sketch is a very subtle thing and unless you know him you don't see it. It's the subtle widening of eyes. No larger than saucers. It's the gentle shake in his voice. And thats about it. There is no thrashing and wailing. No tears and no drama. It is just not his style.

Sketch dutifully obeyed and left the room to get his glass of impending doom. When he returned he had brought a friend with him. Namely the bright pink throw up bowl. Yes we have a bowl dedicated to throw up. Have you ever had six kids? Have you ever had 4-6 sick at the same time with the flu? Then don't judge me. *grin* He has the trusty throw up bowl tucked under his arm and FP and I do not miss the meaning of it's presence. Though we do try hard not to laugh at his silent declaration of his torture.

Sketch knows he is going to throw up.

I wonder if I am in the mood to watch that but I want to see him succeed so I stay , impending puke or no. Hey thats the kind of mom I am. I'm supportive. Unless it involves frogs, spiders, boogers or exploding diarrhea. And Cicadas. But I'm still supportive. Yea. So FP gets out the tiny pink pill of doom and proceeds to explain to Sketch how to swallow his doom. Sketch is riveted on his Dads' words. He takes the pill and places it in his mouth , takes about half a teaspoon of water and yes you guessed it. Gags and spits it out. " I can't do this " he quivers. FP" yes you can. Try again" Sketch doesn't move. FP louder " Put it in your mouth and try again" Sketch hesitates and I wonder if we are going to have a parent child meltdown. Sketch comes through with the bravery and puts the pill back in place and resigns himself to impending death. He takes an only moderately bigger sip of water and FP says " more water Sketch" sip. FP sighs " MORE water Sketch" A gulp ensues and the pill goes down . SUCCESS!

The aftermath is as follows. Sketch begins to extoll his fears about how he was so certain he was going to choke to death. " My heart is pounding so hard Dad! I was so scared I was gonna choke" Turns out the puke bowl was his best case scenario. Puke =best outcome. Death= worst outcome. Poor guy.
Now FP is stunned and his comment illustrates that entirely. As you may or may not know Benadryl is only slightly bigger than the size of an ant. Yes an ant like you find on the sidewalk. FP proceeds to say:

" Your boogers are bigger than that!" Hilarity ensues . I laugh and FP laughs and finally Sketch decides yea thats pretty funny. He relaxes and decides he is pretty proud that he can swallow pills now. WOOHOO!

It should be noted that Sketch does not in fact eat his boogers. He never has. He's a picky eater.

So pill success and yet another one of FP's comments that are blog worthy.

On to lost dogs. If you note the time stamp of my previous entry you will note that it was written in the middle of the night. As I was writing it I heard very very loud barking right outside my house. So loud that my dogs sleeping in their kennels inside my house woke and began their own chorus. I woke FP and asked him what I should do ? I looked out the window and determined that the dog was a boxer or pitbull. That gave me pause. If I went out there then I might DIE! You see where my kids get their dramatics? Oh be quiet.

Anyway, when MTA woke from the dog barking outside her window which is actually what prompted me to ask FP his advice. His bleary eyed advice was to call 911 and report a lost dog. Seriously? yes seriously. I just love him..LOL.
So no I didn't call 911 and I didn't call animal control because they aren't open in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure.

So I decide I am going to go meet this dog and hopefully determine it's owners or at least get it to shoo. I go out there and my daughter decides she should go with me and I agree as I tell her " If it attacks me get dad and then call 911." Hey it was a medium size dog and it was obviously a pitbull or boxer. I think she was a boxer. My only experience with a boxer was not a pleasant one. Talk about the most irritating, destructive and LOUD dog. It was not trained and it was aggressive. So suffice to say i'm just a tad.....concerned.

I go out there and I can hear that the dog is right on my carport between my two cars. She lets out a warning " woof" I speak calmly to her , almost like a baby and she trots up to me tail wagging and head down. I hold my hand out and she flops her big head into my palm and licks me and then leans against my leg in total submission. Instant love. I LOVE this dog. LOVE it. Now I have been known to fall for animals easily but not generally dogs. Dogs take me time to love and often it is a constantly fluctuating relationship. I don't know why that is . Now I don't hate dogs. I actually really do like them. I just prefer small dogs. Really small. Big dogs just are not my forte. I have had a couple of big dogs and I am not a good big dog owner. I can't invest the time they need and it's not fair to them so I decided a long time ago that I just can't have big dogs.

This dog however , she for some reason just got my soft bits and gave em a big hug. Doggie love. Too bad she isn't mine. We gave her some water and it turns out two other neighbors were woken by her antics and came over to help find her home. I haven't blogged about my neighor Anna but I just really like her. Anyway Anna comes over as well as a young man from across the street. The young man came over first and called the numbers on the dogs tags to no avail. We were at a loss until Anna came over. She knew the dogs owners and proceeded to tell us that this dog drove her crazy. It was always out and would come to her house and bark at her front window and drive her dogs crazy. Much like she did to us.

We take the dog back and fashion a tie because the owners were asleep. They suck. Their dog woke up the whole neighborhood and they get to sleep? Suckage. So MTA gets the pink throw up bowl ( yes it was clean) and fills it with water and leaves it for the dog. Thus the bowl has a new home. I find some sick satisfaction knowing that these owners who selfishly slept while the neighborhood tended their dog, are now the proud owners of our throw up bowl.
Yea thats good stuff.

So I left Choxie with her pretend owners ( cause she's really mine) . She cried as we walked away. I hated to leave her like that but there was no way to get her into her backyard. The upside is I don't hear her anymore so I think either she settled down and went to sleep or her she finally woke her owners and they let her in. So that was our eventful night.

Time for me to begin getting lessons together. Superman has been waking up in the middle of the night and he woke up a few minutes ago and wants some mommy time. I should put him back to bed but how long will he actually be wanting to spend time with me? I am going to take advantage of this while I can.

Till next time.
I hope your days are as chaotic and wonderful as mine.
Mrs. F.

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