Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Farty Papa and Elephant Jokes

Well this week has taken off so fast and just continues to run and run. We had a decent first week of school bearing in mind that half the kids were sick.

We seem to be in a really good routine and I love that. I need routine in my life to make me feel settled. I have always been a firm believer that children need routine as well. I also don't believe in scheduling every moment of their days. We are a busy family but by no means are out children swamped with actvities.

Our days start out at 6 am with the kids getting up and dressed and tidying their rooms. We generally breakfast at 7:30 am. They generally have an hour to read or watch cartoons until my first daycare girl leaves. I have her every other week for 3 hrs in the mornings. So on weeks she isn't here they read on weeks she is they get cartoons. After I take her to school we start our school at 9am.
It goes generally as follows:
Spelling and Vocabulary
Notebooking for the older kids.
Reading for 1 hour and then writing summaries on chapters read.
Language and Grammar
History and Geography.

Three times a week we have science experiments
Once a week art and music lessons. At least one other day will include art homework. Music practice is determined by their teacher.

All in all I think a very good school day. Speaking of homeschool. A sister in my church ward called me this morning and said there was a friend of hers who used to homeschool but her kids are grown now and she is selling all of her stuff. OH! How I wish I had any money to be able to take advantage of this because no doubt this would be a great opportunity to get some great things for much less than retail. We just don't have the funds. My friend said she had maps and a globe! I would just about kill for a globe and some maps for the walls. I really want to just go SEE what she has. Maybe I can convince FP to take me and just look. Sadly he knows me too well. :(

Speaking of Farty Papa. That man just makes me laugh. Last night we were laying in bed with a couple of the kids and just talking when he starts talking in this accent. He calls it his Bill Cosby impression. When I remember what it did sound like I will let you know. GAH I can't remember. He just had me in stitches last night. Soon Macguyver2 was telling jokes as was MTA. Soon the inevitible happened.

You see. Farty Papa is notorious for his Elephant jokes. They are such groaners. Yet he tells them over and over and no matter how hard I try not too I laugh. The kids love them and I see a very real possability that they will pass these down to their children because there will be no family heirlooms or fine china. Our legacy is going to be recipes and elephant jokes.

Life is good.

I don't know why I was allowed such a great family but there isnt a bucket large enough to hold my gratitude.

More later
Mrs. F.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!


Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

For what my DM? In fact it's me whose gonna thank you.
I love you