Thursday, July 16, 2009

Days of Our Lives

After a few days of daycare drama I am already ready for the weekend. I love them but I need a break. We are having a real clash of the titans over simply eating what you are served. I think we are currently on a hunger strike. Poor guy he would be so much happier if he just ate his lunch and got it over with.

Why do kids think we are trying to poison them? I mean really how bad can cheese, potatoes and hambuger be? Or cheese noodles and chicken? I mean its not like im trying to get them to eat sushi. LOL.

Anyway, I am weary and need some time to regroup. I hope this weekend offers it.

Funny story follows.

Superman comes running into my room followed closely by his brother Walker TR. The conversation is as follows.

Superman " Mom you have GOT to look at my face!"

Mrs. F. " whats wrong? "

Superman " Look at my face! it has bumps!" ( yes he was very excited)

Mrs. F. after carefully checking it out. Stay lunch, two old bug bites " What I don't see anything dear"

Superman " I have bugs bites , look!"

Walker TR " I told him he has two bug bites on his face. See mom right there"

Mrs. F" Yes Walker but those are a week old"

Walker TR " Oh I didn't know " exit Walker TR

I look at Superman who is caressing his face as he walks toward my bedroom door exiting only to hear him say.....wait for it....

Superman " Oh I thought there were bugs coming out of my face"
Exit Superman.



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Mr. Mcknob said...

Kids... They are so funny.