Thursday, October 30, 2008

Naptime conversations

Once again today I was reminded how much my kids are like their father FP. He tends to say things that are random and then hilarity ensues.

Today Superman and I went to my room for naptime. Yes he did his snuggle routine and then a few minutes later I got up to check on something and came back and sat next to him on the bed. We chatted a little which ended in "I love yous" and then I laid next to him. As we laid there I heard this odd tap on the window. Then I heard another noise, all coming from our backyard. I knew it wasn't our dogs so I looked out the window. Well in truth BOTH Superman and I looked out the window to see a pigeon party in our backyard. Several birds were flapping around and kicking up a fuss. I was satisfied it was a bird that tapped the window and prepared to lay next to Superman again , when he gave a soft sigh and said with a smile.

" I hope they have a son"

" you hope they have a little birdy son?"


" why?"

" because I am a son.

" baby birdies are way cute huh?"

" yea I like them. The Daddy bird can take care of the baby"

" what does a daddy birdy do?"

" he ....I dunno?"

" does he protect the mommy birdy and the baby? Get food and give it to the mommy and baby? He works hard doesn't he?"

" yea he does"

" so what does the mommy birdy do?"

*pause* as he looks at me like " don't you know?" He gives a half smile and says:
"Uh...I dunno. She farts the babies out?" He giggles a little but tries to remain serious.

The conversation continued on for a few minutes more but ladies and gentlemen this is the best part. So from what I gathered from this encounter :

Superman saw something FAR different when he looked out the window than I saw otherwise his conversation about birdy babymaking came entirely from his mind. What is he thinking?!

Superman has the notion that Daddies don't participate in the process of birdymaking. Only the Mommy farts them out. *laughs* I honestly don't know where he even got that much information. *goes to have a conversation with Supermans older siblings*

I love a childs mind.


Sheila said...

That made me chuckle. :) Did he get that from his older siblings? hehe

Mrs.Flabby and Unfabulous said...

I have a sneaky suspicion he did but alas no proof. When FP read it he laughed outloud too. I feel so lucky to be present for these moments. In such a fast world I get to slow down and listen to the musings of a child. Can life be better?

j said...

so precious.